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SpeedLight is an unique web Second Life viewer with never-seen-before features:
  • 100% web viewer for SL.
  • Allows switching between devices seamlessly.
  • Keeps avatar online while your PC is off.
  • Works on PC, phones and tablets.
  • No app required, just a browser.
  • With a free trial available.

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    Create your SpeedLight account
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    Go directly to Earn with us
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    Get the link and in-world objects
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SpeedLight is a paid, subscription-based viewer. When you refer someone, and that person pays, you get up to 20% commission.
There are three ways to refer people to SpeedLight:
  1. 1.
    Give out the special sign-up URL You refer everybody who joins by visiting your link
  2. 2.
    Rez the Land Totem in Second Life Residents click on and join SpeedLight using the sign up URL
  3. 3.
    Wear the Shoulder Cloud or Cap Residents click and and visit the sign-up URL

Here are the objects you can use:
Rez the SpeedLight Land Totem on your land, allowing residents to click on it and sign up.
The SpeedLight Speech Cloud is an easy way to let everyone around know about SpeedLight
The SpeedLight Cap is a fun way to get people curious about the web viewer and signing them up.

Your commission begins at 5% and increases as follows‌:
  • Using the Shoulder Cloud or Cap gives +5%
  • Using the Land Totem gives +10%
  • Thus, you can earn up to 20% commission.

‌Check your earnings easily in your SpeedLight account:
Check Commissions on the SpeedLight Viewer

‌Anyone can become a SmartBots SpeedLight Franchise Owner. Simply create a free account at SpeedLight and begin referring!
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