3D Shot

3D Shot is the feature of SpeedLight which allows making "live" 3D photos of in-world objects. Check an example below (open and use mouse/touch to rotate):

Read our FAQ to know more about 3D Shot.

How to create

Creating 3D Shot is simple:

  1. Open SpeedLight 3D View

  2. Right-click (or long-tap) an object

  3. Choose "Make 3D Shot"

  4. Click the notification button to open your shot.

Updating your existing 3D Shot

Right-click the same in-world object and select "Make 3D Shot" again.

How to view and share

Login to SpeedLight, 3D Shots section:

Click your shot to get a permanent shot URL.

Storage fees

There's no per-shot storage fees. However, one-time purchase of "Lifetime 3D Shot" extension is required to keep all avatar shots forever.

All 3D Shots created during a test period do not expire.

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