Usual viewer features

  • Teleport to SLURLs
  • View local map and nearby residents
  • Search for SL residents
  • Access local chat
  • Read and send IMs
  • View groups
  • Access group chat
  • Browse and manipulate inventory
  • Send inventory items to residents
  • Send money
  • Offer and accept teleport requests with notifications
  • Offer and accept friendship requests with notifications
  • Teleport home

Unique features

  • Keep avatar online while browser is closed
  • View IMs history while avatar offline
  • Keep and view L$ transactions history
  • Quick IM notecards (?)
  • Mass IM delivery (?)
  • 3D Shots (?)
  • IM Autoresponder (?)
  • Light Mode (?)
  • IM History encryption (?)
  • Interactive visitor radar (?)
SpeedLight is just launched so we also have a whole bunch of features planned:
  • Group notices: regular and scheduled
  • Inventory uploads
  • 3D world view in browser (80% completed, planned to get released soon)
Compare the Free and Gold facility features. Check this page for more planned features.

What's next?