Usual viewer features

    Teleport to SLURLs
    View local map and nearby residents
    Search for SL residents
    Access local chat
    Read and send IMs
    View groups
    Access group chat
    Browse and manipulate inventory
    Send inventory items to residents
    Send money
    Offer and accept teleport requests with notifications
    Offer and accept friendship requests with notifications
    Teleport home

Unique features

    Keep avatar online while browser is closed
    View IMs history while avatar offline
    Keep and view L$ transactions history
SpeedLight is just launched so we also have a whole bunch of features planned:
    Mass IM delivery
    Group notices: regular and scheduled
    Inventory uploads
    3D world view in browser (80% completed, planned to get released soon)
Compare the Free and Gold facility features. Check this page for more planned features.

What's next?

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What's next?