Visitor Radar

Visitor Radar is a feature of SpeedLight which allows monitoring the parcel/sim for new visitors, see new visitors and contact them promptly.

SpeedLight Visitor Radar resides at the Summary screen of the avatar:

Radar scans the sim you're in every 5 seconds. It shows:

  • residents (as color-coded dots),

  • the distance between you and them,

  • the time you have been seeing them around.

Radar works sim-wide, giving you an ability to monitor your parcel/sim from any distance (including skyboxes).

Residents list

Recently teleported visitors appear at top of the list:

Residents close enough to you have a view direction arrow:

Already contacted residents (see below) have "IM" and/or "chat" markers:

Interacting with visitors

Visitor Radar provides an ability to quickly contact any of the residents you see.

Click/tap resident directly on the map (the colored dot) or on the Resident List. The menu appears giving you options to interact:

  • The “Resident Info” menu item gives you an access to the visitors 2nd life’s information.

  • “Local Chat Greet” allows you to quickly greet the people in Local Chat, up to 20 meters around you.

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